How to Use YouTube to Increase Your Website SEO Ranking

No one knows the exact formula that search engines like Google use for their rankings, so there is no exact formula for getting your website its best SEO ranking. You just need to get creative. One approach you can take is to produce and post videos on YouTube to drive traffic, and convert that traffic into increases in your website SEO ranking.

The YouTube Video

  • The only way YouTube will be of any value to your website’s SEO rankings is if you create great videos. The videos need to have good production value and be entertaining. If your website is informational in nature and covers a particular topic the video needs to be authoritative, interesting, and leave the reader better informed than when they started. It doesn’t hurt for it to be entertaining as well. In short, the video needs to be good enough for viewers to take the time to post the videos on their social media channels and share them with their friends or colleagues. If your viewers aren’t sharing the links to your videos, then they won’t be helping your SEO ranking.

Marketing the Video

  • YouTube is the fourth largest site on the Internet. Therefore the chances of people finding your video on their own is very remote. After you make the video and post it on YouTube you need to market it. Link to the video on your website to let your regular traffic know about it, post it on your social media channels, and let any bloggers who cover your website’s topic area know about it. Bloggers are always looking for new material for posts. If they think your video is good enough they’ll write about it and refer traffic.

YouTube Channel

  • When people share links leading back to your YouTube channel, Google will consider the links you post on your channel leading back to pages on your website to be of higher quality. Quality back-links to your site are a major component of Google’s ranking system. This allows you to build up your website’s SEO ranking by posting links back to your site on your channel and in your video descriptions.

Video SEO

  • In addition to getting traffic to your video through your direct marketing efforts, you can also use SEO principles to potentially attract people searching for terms related to your videos’ content through Google search. Make sure to use a title and description that use terms related to the video’s content, not clever phrases which Google’s ranking algorithms won’t necessarily associate with your topic or related search terms. Also make sure to use the “Tags” section when you create your video to include the keywords for which you want your video to appear in Web searches.